Summer Reading Services

It is that time of year again.  Your young learner is left to defend himself against long sentences, themes, metaphors and not to mention the summer heat while completing the traditional summer reading assignments.  Oh that is right, he also has to produce a piece of writing to prove that he has read and understood what he read.

Sounds simple enough except that you find your child struggling to keep up during the school year, when he actually has a teacher to ask for guidance when he is lost.  How is your beloved learner going to get thought this assignment and be prepared for the inevitable class discussion that will take place in his Language Arts class the first week or so of school?

If you find you and your young learner in this or a similar scenario, be sure to contact Learning with Leigh to discuss a service that best fits you and your learner’s needs.  Some of those services include:

Single Day Summer Reading Package–  One session is used to go over the literature of choice for the learner and the accompanying writing assignment. I also teach strategies to assist with reading, note taking and understanding the text as well as a strategy and time line to complete the writing component of reading.

Two Day Summer Reading Package–  This package includes everything in the previous packages with the addition of one more session that can be used either at the end of reading and before the writing commences to discuss the story for understanding to further guide the writing process or once the writing is complete to develop and edit and revision strategy

Three Day Summer Reading Package–  This offers everything in the first package as well as both days additional days discussed in the second package.

ULTIMATE SUMMER READING PACKAGE–  This package offers six sessions. The first four sessions involve teaching and monitoring the learner’s use of the reading strategies I taught as well as reading sections of the book together and developing a reading schedule to complete the work.  The last two sessions focus on the writing process involved with completing the written component of the summer reading packet.  This cost of this package is equivalent to two sessions free.

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